Start Sheet Guidance

One of the duties of an event organiser is to publish the rider start list and a start sheet.  The CTT system refers to the rider start list as the start sheet which is mildly confusing.  This is because before electronic entries the start sheet consisted of the event details and then a list of start times.  The internet entry system now publishes the rider start list in a separate tab in the about the event page.  This means that some organisers are unaware of the start sheet which has now become a cover sheet to the rider start list.  Regulation 27 sub-para (e) states what should be included in the start sheet.

The start sheet must state:

 " The event is being held for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials under its Rules & Regulations".

In West District for the start sheet please include the following form of words to highlight the need to riders for safe riding.

"CTT guidance reminds us that riders should not exceed speed restrictions.  This is part of riding and racing safely.  Riders in West District should not exceed speed restrictions and should not over take other road users unless it is safe to do so.  An example would be overtaking a slow moving vehicle such as a tractor, where the road is wide enough."

Although not a requirement of the start sheet as defined in Regulation 27 it may be useful to include:

  • The Event HQ location.
  • Reminder that lights and hardshell helmets are mandatory.
  • Course details and if necessary directions to the start.
  • A link to the course details and a reminder for riders to read the Risk Assessment.
  • A statement that riders are expected to know the course.