Step by Step Guide To Entering An Open Time Trial

This guide helps you navigate the CTT website. 

It does not cover how to use a paper entry form.  It assumes a basic understanding of how to use internet links to navigate web pages and not every step is shown as some pages really should be self explanatory.

Go to the CTT Website

And register


You must register to be able to enter an event as registration gives the event organiser all of your details.
To register you must be a member of a cycling club which is affiliated to CTT.
Do not select “#I have no club” as this is for dormant riders who have left their club and you will be rejected from an event if it shows “#I Have No Club”

Then login


If you have not registered you will need to follow the “I am a new user” link and complete the registration form.

Now to find an event. 

Before you do this you may wish to understand the CTT Districts so you see which District you are in and where events are located.


You can drill into each District to find clubs in your area, courses and events

Or you can follow the drop down link to Courses

Each circle represents a set of courses.  if you zoom in the courses will resolve themselves into blue maker pins.

Each marker pin can be selected and then by following the "Blue" text link you will be taken to the details of the course

By following the link to the course you will see the course map, the course description and can download the Risk Asssement for the course; as well as seeing details of course records.


This investigation allows you to understand the geography of clubs and courses before you decide what to enter.


Follow the link to Open Events to find an event which you wish to enter.


and you will see a page which looks like this

When you follow a link to an event you will be taken to the event page where you will see the course map, details of the event, including the closing date.

The event page will also show the Start Sheet and the Finish Sheet if the event has taken place.


The tabs are self explanatory.  The Rider List is populated once the start sheet is published.  The Results List is populated once the organiser submits the results to CTT.  Spindata is populated on the Wednesday before an event after the Start Sheet has been published.  Race Reports are written by Snowden Sports but not all events get a race report.  If the course map is missing this is because the District has not loaded it to the CTT database.


When you have decided which event you want to enter and follow the Enter link you will be taken to a page where you will see a part populated page.   You must confirm you have read the entry notice at the top of the page and agree to the Terms and Conditions at the bottom of the page to be able to enter.  Under athlete details there is a drop down for you to select machine type

The CTT is also collecting data on insurance to aid its negotiation with the CTT insurance company to support the annual renewal process


Once you select Proceed you will be taken to a payment page.  (The next time I enter an event I will show the navigation pages for paying for an event and update this page.)

FAQs about time trials in general can be found here.