Cycling Time Trials is governed by Regulations, Rules and Standing Orders.  It also has a set of Guidance Notes for the running of events and the management of time trials.  These all exist to provide a framework within which our sport operates and are there to ensure the safety of riders and the good management of the sport.  They can all be found at the CTT Website and accessed by following the various drop down tabs.

The CTT is managed via a central board of directors with representation from each District and a Chair.  It also has a number of Officers responsible for the day to day running of the sport.  The Board meets monthly and there is an annual AGM to which Districts send representatives based on the number of clubs in their District to the AGM.

There are 21 CTT Districts across England, Wales and Scotland and each has a governing District Council.  These Councils have the posts of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Open Events Secretary, Club Events Secretary and Risk Assessement Secretary.  In West District we also have 8 ordinary members who are from the clubs in the District.  The Councils meet as required, quarterly, but in particular hold a District AGM, a date fixing meeting for Open Events and a meeting prior to the CTT AGM to take note of the Districts views on any agenda items which have been notified.  These meetings are open to any club riders and are notified to clubs.

Although West District does not have many policies there are some relating to the management of clubs

Club structures
Although CTT does not mandate club structures and many clubs have only a few members it is useful to consider what your club structure might be:

Events Secretary
Leisure Rides Co-ordinator
Social Secretary
Communications and Social Media Secretary
Women's Point of Contact /Lead

might all be roles which your club would consider.  If you are a registered club with the CTT you should ensure that you have signed up to electronic communications and filled in email addresses for the club secretary and the delegate positions to ensure that you receive those notifications sent out by the District.

Women's Policy
Within West District we would like all clubs who are members of the CTT with over 25 members to have a Women's lead / point of contact.  This is to promote Women's participation in cycling in general and time trialing in particular.  We all know that many  cyclists are put off from the concept of time trialing as its competitive nature is not seen as inclusive and this applies particularly to Women where the lower numbers mean that there are fewer role models. The Women's POC doesn't need to be on the club board or necessarily involved in running the club although it would be helpful if they were part of the club's general committee.  The POC's role would be, to available to new riders and current riders to be able to address concerns, build an active group and make sure they are welcomed into the wider club structure.

Prize Guidance
Althought riders do not generally race for prizes where they are offered clubs should consider equality and fairness.  Where prizes are offered for 1st, 2nd, 3rd places then the District view is that the prizes should be of equal value for both Men and Women.  Where only say 3 Women have entered an event then it may fair to only offer a first prize to the Women but for equality it should be of the same value.