Course Design Process - New Courses

If a Club wants a new course for club or open events the course design process is relatively simple.

1. Identify a road or roads you wish to use and produce a course description.  Examples of course descriptions are many of the existing Risk Assessements.

2. Carry out a risk assessment on the course, including where the start and finish are and where and identify where signage and marshals will be required.  A full list of existing Risk Assessments are here.  Although an old Risk Assessment this is an example which includes all requirements U86/25 (old course)

3. Carry out a traffic count for the course at the times you wish to use it, example Saturday traffic count may be unacceptable but a Sunday at the same time is.

4. Complete the course description, the Risk Assessment and ideally produce a tcx/gpx file or a link to appropriate mapping application such as Ride With GPS

5. Submit your information to West DC Events Secretary and Risk Assessment Secretary.  They will forward to the Committee for approval once basic checks have been completed.

6. If the course is a non standard distance say 19 miles then if approved then the mileage from a Garmin route will usually be enough. However if a standard distance 10 or 25 miles, whatever you submit from your Garmin or similar will usually require a formal measurement especially if the course is to be used as an Open Course.