2021 Club Events Calendar

All those club events which have been submitted have been uploaded to the CTT website using the .csv file import.  This has taken a while as it was not clear what validation rules were being used.  As all clubs filled in their .csv files slightly differently the presentation of the information is not consistent. The main impact is on the "Name" of the event field. Clubs may wish to edit these entries to make them make more sense.

Events and other details can also be seen at https://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/district-details/20#anchor

Now I understand the formatting requirements here is guidance for clubs who have yet to submit their .csv files for 2021 events and to help us in 2022!

Column Headings Are:
Date Time    Name    Club Name    Course    Distance    Details    Price    Capacity    Come And Try    Sign on location

Date field to be filled in with format:

Time format to be filled in with:

Name of the event e.g. Sporting, Boxing Day Special, Joint Series with A.N. Other Club, etc
If this is blank then there will be no event name or title    

Club Name
Club name to be exactly as it appears in the CTT database    

Approved CTT Course Code
Will accept Uxx/xx    

There must be a distance in "miles". For Hill Climbs put "1 miles"    

Any special details    

Price in format:

A number is required in this field. All clubs were set to 60 for 2021    

Come and Try It
Either put:
1 for not a CATI
0 for a CATI
(This is counter intuitive but putting "0" in the first import made all club events a CATI.)    

Sign On Location
Any special instructions for the sign on location


Example Club Event Entry:
30/06/2021    18:30    Chippenham Wheelers Evening Time Trials: Jack Nunn 50    Chippenham & District Wheelers    UC864    50 miles    Registration closes 1800. 20 minute ride to start    £5.00    60    0    Sign on at Queen's Field by 18:00 hrs