West DC Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments (click on any of the links below to download a version of the RA)

You will need to check the RA date and update as necessary.  Where you believe the RA is well out of date please update and send to the RA Secretary (Andy Greatwood) for validation and re-upload.
All RAs from old web site have been uploaded.  If you have a more recent RA or an RA for courses not shown here please submit to the RA Secretary for consideration.

(Note: The CTT website does not accept .docx format files, they should be .doc or .pdf (but .pdf are not preferred as they cannot be easily updated.  In addition there is a file size limit for upload so embedded images should be kept to a mininum.)

Course Code Course High Level Description   Uploaded Status / Year
U4 A419-Blunsdon-Commonhead RAB 10 Yes 2007
U7 A38 Cam to Whitminster 10 No - not in use 2004
U7B A38-Newport Towers-Slimbridge
10 Yes 2019
U8 Clatford West of Marlborough to Beckhampton and return
10 Yes 2015
U14 B4060-Stinchcombe-Wotton u Edge-A4135-Eastington-A38-Berkeley Road (Hardriders) 24 Yes 2005
U14 B3 Wotton-under-Edge, Dursley, Eastington, Dudbridge (Hardriders)
(5 Hills of Hell)
28 Yes 2014
U17 A38 Woodford – Wanswell - B4066 Berkeley – A38 Slimbridge - Stone
25 Yes 2014
U18C A38 Milbury Heath-Wanswell-B4066 Berkeley-A38-Slimbridge-Falfield 25 Yes 2005
U21-10 A371/ A38 Lower Weare-Brent Knoll-Lower Weare
10 Yes 2018
U21-25 A38 Brent Knoll-Highbridge-Bridgwater
25 Yes 2005
U21-50 A38 Brent Knoll-Highbridge-Bridgwater-Burnham-Brent Knoll (repeat)
50 Yes 2014
U22 A358 Cotford St Luke 21 Yes 2020
U22a A358 Cotford St Luke 21 Yes 2020
U25 A361 - A372 - A378 Langport ? Yes 2003
U26 B3224 ; Unclassified ; A396 Wheedon Cross ? Yes 2012
U27 A39-Glastonbury-Polsham-Wells      
U30-10 A303 Podimore-Tintinhull
10 Yes  
U30-25 A303 Podimore-A3088 Alvington-A303 South Petherton-Podimore
25 Yes  
U30-25R A303 Podimore - Cartgate - Ilchester - South Petherton - Podimore
25 Yes 2019
U32R B3092 Maiden Bradley-Mere-the Deverills-Maiden Bradley (circuit)
24 Yes  
U33 A359 Maiden Bradley – Nunney Catch – Bruton
26 Yes  
U33 Leigh Common to Sparkford (A303)   Yes 2003
U40 Lyneham-Wootton Bassett-Dauntsey (circuit)   Yes  
U41 B4696 (Spine Road / Latton)   Yes Current - 2021
U44 Poulton/Cirencester/Poulton 10 New course 2021






No - not in use


U46a Spine Road-Marston Meysey-A419 Cricklade-Burford r-a-b-Spine Road 25 Yes  

Spine Road – Daglingworth







U46/50 Spine Road-Marston Meysey-A419 Cricklade-Burford r-a-b-Cirencester-Airfield r-a-b-A419 (repeat) 50 Yes  
U46/100 Spine Road-Marston Meysey-A419 Cricklade-Burford r-a-b-Cirencester-Airfield r-a-b-A419 (repeat) 100 Yes  
U462a https://www.strava.com/activities/150926951 used in 2014 100    
U47 Spine Road-Cricklade 10 Yes  
U47R Cricklade-Spine Road 10 Yes  
U48 Spine Road –Marston Meysey (repeat) 10 Yes  
U49 Old A419 / A417 Cirencester 25 Yes  
U50 A48 at Chaxhill 10 Yes 2020
U57 A361 / A342 / Broad Street / Horton Road     2017
U59 Alton Priors-Beckhampton-Calne (circuit)   Yes  
U72 Maisemore-Ledbury   Yes  
U74 Temple Guiting-B4068-Stow-Swell-B4077   Yes  
U75 A417, A435, Welsh Way   Yes  
U81 A429 / A433 Malmesbury – Tetbury - Cirencester 100 Yes 2004
U83 Sutton Benger-Lyneham-Wooton-Basset-Brinkworth - Malmsbury-A41   Yes  
U84 B4042, A429, A433, B4042 & B4696 100 Yes 2020
U85 B4042 Brinkworth, Royal Wotton Bassett, B4042 Brinkworth 10 Yes  
U86/10C B4042 Minety to Malmebury Water Tower RAB return 10 Draft 2021
U86 A429 Crudwell to Malmesbury, B4042 Brinkworth, B4696 Ballards Ash, B4040 Malmesbury, A429 Crudwell Bassett 25 Yes 2013
U86-25S Somerford-B4042 Malmesbury-Brinkworth-Minety-Malmesbury 25 Yes  
U86-50 B4040 Minety to Lamesbury/A429/B4042 Brinkworth/ B4696 Braydon Cross/ Minety   Yes  
U86-100 B4040/A429/B4042,B4696
U87 Startley-Malmsbury-Brinkworth-Minety   Yes  
U89 Lyneham, Wootton Bassett, Dauntsey, Lyneham, Hilmarton, Bushton   Yes  
U95-10 Lechlade-Burford   Yes  
U95-25 Lechlade-Burford   Yes  
U101 A417-Pendock-Camers Green-B4208-Cobbs Cross   Yes  
Uc102 12 Iron Acton  -  Charfield   Yes  
U102 10 Iron Acton  -  Charfield   Yes  
U109/25 Didmarton A433-A46-A433 (repeat circuit)
25 Yes  
U109/50 Didmarton A433-A46-A433 (repeat circuit)
50 Yes  
U242 Portishead 10   2015
U303 Bruton-B3081-Bourton-Zeals-Kilmington-N. Brewham Circuit
18 Yes  
U321 Longbridge Deverill – Brixton Deverill 10 Yes 2021
U360 A360 Warminster   Yes  
U364 A361-A362-Picket Post r-a-b   Yes  
U369 B3092-A631 Frome by-pass   Yes  
U369B B3092-A631 Frome by-pass   Yes  
U370 B3092-A631 Frome by-pass   Yes  
U372 A361 Frome by pass (Pylon-Blatchbridge r-a-b’s)   Yes 2021
U375 A361 Frome   Yes 2018
U461 A417/419 DC; A429/433 100   2012
U463 Cirencester   Yes 2018
U601 Tormarton-A420-B3049-Acton Turville (circuit)
  Yes 2019
U603A A420 ; B4039 (19.5 miles)   Yes 2019
U603B A420 ; B4039 (39 miles)   Yes  
U703A Cheltenham 25   Yes  
U707 Ashchurch – Evesham – Bishops Cleeve - Ashchurch   Yes  
U715 A46 Sedgeberrow, B4077 & B4078 (file needs tidying up as converted from pdf) 10 Yes 2017
U871 B4042; B4696; B4040; A429   Yes 2018
UC184 Breadstone Circuit      
UC236 Milverton - Wivvy      
UC251 Chew Stoke      
UC271 Burtle      
UC281 Burrington – Chewton Mendip 7 Yes 2020
UC621 Wye Valley      
UC621B Wye Valley 10 (A466)      
UC861 B4069 ; Dauntsey ; Little Somerford ; Great Sommerford; Lower Seagry        
UH14 Wotton Under Edge, Coombe Rd - B4058   Yes 2018
UH15 Uley, Lampern Hill      
UH20 Mendips-West Close Hill   Yes 2018
UH26 Burrington Combe   Yes  
UH35 Claverton Hill   Yes  
UH377 Highridge Green in South Bristol      
UHC42 Danebank Hill - Cirencester      
UH45 Belmont Hill (B3130- Flax Bourton Road)   Yes 2018
UH50 Bath, North Road from King Edward's School to University   Yes 2021
UHC80 Bowden Hill (Lacock)   Yes 2018
UH90 Hinton Hill-Pucklechurch   Yes  
UH91 Smithams Hill         Yes 2018
UH92 Chew Hill, Chew Magna   Yes 2018