Affiliation Fees and Levies

There are several ways for clubs to pay affiliation fees and event levies. Here is a short summary:

Clubs can renew via the main CTT website using a debit or credit card, but the person paying first needs to register as a club official. Go to for this to be setup. You can also update your contact details etc. within this system.
Alternatively clubs can send their payments to the West District Treasurer (details below). A form for this is available to download from the CTT website and this is where you should indicate any change to the club contact, secretary or your AGM delegates.
The fee remains at £30 for club/team affiliation, plus an additional £50 if your clothing carries advertising. Remember, if you miss the 31st December renewal deadline there is an automatic £20 re-joining fee. 

Club Time Trial Levies:

Type B - Club Events.
If your club runs time trials a levy of £3 per rider is payable to the CTT. Note: Levy was to have been increased but on 1 March CTT confirmed no change for 2021 to encourage grass roots participation.  Levies cannot be paid to the CTT main account on-line, these have to be sent to the West District Treasurer. They should be accompanied by a list of events and numbers of riders.  A form is available to download from the CTT website to help with the format. Please retain your signing-on sheets for one year as the auditor may wish to carry out a random check (if you've reported an accident you should keep them for 7 years).

Type A - Open Time Trial Levies:
If your event accepts entries through the CTT website (as 90% already do) then levies at £5 per rider will be deducted at source before the entry fees are paid into your nominated bank account based on the number of riders on your start sheet.  Note: Levy has increased by £1 due to shortfall in 2020 caused by COVD-19. If your event does not accept online entries then levies should be paid to the West District Treasurer (details below).

Ways to pay:
1. Bank transfer. We have a West DC account, so you can make a transfer to that account and this will be forwarded to the CTT as part of a bulk payment. For account details please contact the West District Treasurer.  (At the moment this account is suspended while we change details between the previous treasurer and the new one, so please use Option 2.
2. Pay by cheque. Send cheques to the West District Treasurer. Cheques should be payable to the 'CTT'. Please don't make cheques payable to the treasurer by name.

West District Treasurer:
Rosemary Bishop
54 Graham Way
Cotford St Luke
Telephone 01823 439462