CTT West District

Welcome to West DC.  Please explore this site and find out about the District, its clubs and officials.  If you want to assist as a Committee Member, as a timekeeper, as a marshal for events or as an event organiser; please do just ask.

Welcome to CTT West District

Welcome to the web site for the West District of Cycling Time Trials (CTT). Access to the District's pages can be either from within the main CTT web site via the Discover/Districts route on the home page or by direct link http://west.ctt.org.uk/. This site will be automatically linked to the main CTT website for all the information that is held nationally like events and club lists but there will also be content that is added locally by the committee. An example of the information that has been added locally is the list of club events that have been applied for by each club, local regulations, general advice for running open and club events and course restrictions.

Most of this local information will be added under the "About Us"tab or "Officials" tab so have a look there and hopefully you will find something of use.

Cycling Time Trials (CTT) are the national governing body for the promotion of time trials in England and Wales. The country is divided up into legislative districts, the West District covering North and South Somerset, Wiltshire, North and South Gloucestershire, some of Dorset and Oxfordshire. The full boundary is detailed in "About Us".  For further information about CTT on a national level, and about other districts, go to the main CTT web site https://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/.

Our existing district website http://www.westdc.co.uk/  will continue for a few more months during the transition period. A huge thank you must go to David Notley who has maintained the site since it's inception and has served the district well over many years.

Please bear in mind that this new site is a work in progress, certainly for the remainder of 2020, and if you have anything that you think would be useful to have on it or see an error please contact the District Secretary or Paul Winchcombe who is managing the transition.

Enjoy your time trialling!

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